The purpose of the Assumption Foundation

Art. 1.  The purpose of the Foundation is mainly to provide financial support for:

A. Eligible students’ payment of tuition fees for schooling, etc. at Rygaards School in Hellerup. Support must primarily be provided for school fees, but can also be provided for school events, camp and the like. Aid can be granted for one school year at a time, unless special circumstances apply, whereby support commitments can be given for a longer period. Support can be provided with up to 100% of the tuition fees, as the starting point will be that the student itself must also contribute; 

In addition, in order of priority, financial support can be provided for.

B. Former students from Rygaards School for use in further education, including support for study abroad in higher education, expenses for study materials in higher education, etc.

C. Building maintenance and building improvements at Rygaards School, 59 41 63 59.